The Gaudi armchair owes its existence to its predecessor, the Selene chair. Both, designed by Vico Magistretti, are single piece construction chairs that come from a pressure mold of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass to withstand heat and scratching. The form is indicative of Magistretti’s emphasis on material - new technologies and production methods allowed him to experiment with more expressive and sculptural geometries. In comparison to the Selene chair, the Gaudi introduces arm rests that create a dramatic 90 degree slope to the ground. These conteract the rear legs which sit comfortably stretched and angled compared to the Selene’s straight legs. In comparison to the Vicario chair, the Gaudi sits higher from the ground with a more relaxed and less angled stance. All three utilize Magistretti’s S curve design in the structural profile of the legs, also seen in the Artemide Stadio table series. Available as a pair or individually, some wear consistent with age. All original feet intact.

color: chocolate brown
height: 29 in.
width: 21.5 in.
length: 23.5 in.
origin: Italy